8 Genius Car Accessories You Need to Shop Right Now

Your ride is about to get a ✨glow-up. ✨

From itty bitty vacuums to stylish car seat covers, there are tons of genius car accessories that’ll improve your ride without breaking the bank. After all, if you’re going to be playing Uber driver for your crew, you’ll wanna make sure your car is looking cute, right? And though we can’t guarantee gas prices are going to go down anytime soon (sorry, friends), we can recommend the best car gadgets you can get for under $100. These accessories will keep your vehicle clean and neat, and they’ll make your next four-hour drive go by at lightning speed.

So before you plan your next road trip, make sure you add these 12 handy car tools to your shopping cart—your whip likes to accessorize just as much as you do, you know.

Trunk Organizer

If the trunk of your car is a bottomless pit of jumper cables and spare shoes, this compartmentalized organizer will restore order to your chaos. The best part? It has handles, so you can easily pick it up and move it out when you need more space for luggage and whatnot. 

Car Air Freshener

Maintaining a car is a tiresome experience. Keeping it mechanically sound and clean inside-out requires a lot of effort. However, no matter how clean your car is on the inside, you would not want to sit in a place that does not smell nice. Invest in a nice air freshener to ensure you feel nice when you take your car for a spin.

Car Seat Slipcover

Can we all agree that driving home wet and sticky from the gym is kinda gross? This machine-washable car seat cover (which comes in 4 colors ) is happy to hang out in between your sweaty Spandex and your seat.  

Car Seat Gap Organizer

If losing spare change—or worse, your phone—into the dark abyss between your seat and the center console is the bane of your existence, allow me to introduce you to this organizer set. It’ll hang on to your phone, mask, hand sanitizer, water bottle, sunglasses, and chapstick, preventing them from suffering a similarly tragic fate. 

Anti-Slip Car Dashboard Mat

This mat requires zero installation — just place it on your dashboard, where you can store sunglasses, keys, and cables in dual compartments. You can even use it to mount your phone, thanks to the smart tab that props it up at an angle.

A Brilliant Net Organizer

This Net Organizer is a game changer! It stretches between your seats and provides a sling-like holder for your bag, so you can keep your passenger side empty, access your wallet in a second, and stop worrying that your purse will go flying every time you hit the brakes.

Blind-Spot Mirrors

These little mirrors have prevented many accidents and really help with blind spots while merging or changing lanes. Just stick them onto your existing side mirrors using the self-adhesive pads, and their convex shape will help you to see a much wider range of objects behind and around your car. They’re also thin and rotatable for different angles.

A Snow & Ice Cover

If you live in a place that gets snow and don’t have a garage, the Windshield Cover is a serious wintertime game changer.  Using its elastic straps and built-in magnets, it securely fastens to most cars, trucks, and SUVs. It then uses three layers of temperature-resistant fabric to protect your windshield from snow and ice, so you won’t have to scrape or defrost nearly as much.

Which of these profucts are missing in your car? Share with us un the comments!

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